The useRipple custom hook from the pol-ui library provides an easy way to implement a ripple effect for elements in a React application. It can be used to add a visual interaction feedback when a user clicks on an element.


Make sure you are importing the useRipple hook from the pol-ui library in your React component.

import { useRipple } from "pol-ui";


Import the useRipple hook in your React component and apply it to the desired container.

import { useRipple } from "pol-ui";
function MyComponent() {
  const [ref, event] = useRipple();
  return (
    <div ref={ref} onClick={event}>
      {/* Your component content goes here */}


The useRipple hook accepts an optional parameter inputOptions that allows you to customize the ripple effect:

  1. duration (number): The duration of the ripple animation (default: 450).
  2. timingFunction (string): The timing function of the ripple animation (default: 'cubic-bezier(.42,.36,.28,.88)').
  3. disabled (boolean): Whether the ripple is disabled (default: false).
  4. className (string): The class name to apply to the ripple element (default: 'bg-[#fff]').
  5. opacity (number): The opacity of the ripple (default: 0.1).
  6. containerClassName (string): The class name to apply to the ripple container (default: 'ripple--container').
  7. ignoreNonLeftClick (boolean): Whether to ignore non-left clicks (default: true).
  8. onSpawn (function): A function called when the ripple is spawned.
  9. cancelAutomatically (boolean): Whether to cancel the ripple automatically (default: false).
  10. ref (React.RefObject<T>): The ref to the ripple host element.


Here's an example of how to use the useRipple hook to create a button with a ripple effect:

import { useRipple } from "pol-ui";
function RippleButton() {
  const [ref, event] = useRipple();
  return (
    <button ref={ref} onClick={event} className="ripple-button">
      Click me


  1. The useRipple hook automatically handles the creation and animation of the ripple effect based on the user's interaction.
  2. You can customize the appearance and behavior of the ripple effect using the options provided.
  3. Adjust the styles and dimensions according to your project requirements.

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