The getDocumentDirection function is a utility that determines the document direction (ltr or rtl) based on the HTML 'dir' attribute or the computed style of the document element.


Import the getDocumentDirection function in your project and use it to retrieve the document direction:

import { getDocumentDirection } from "pol-ui";
// Your code goes here
const documentDirection = getDocumentDirection();
console.log("Document Direction:", documentDirection);

Return Value

The function returns the document direction, which can be either 'ltr' (left-to-right) or 'rtl' (right-to-left).


import { getDocumentDirection } from 'pol-ui';
const documentDirection = getDocumentDirection();
console.log('Document Direction:', documentDirection);
// Output:
// Document Direction: ltr

In this example, the getDocumentDirection function is used to retrieve the document direction, either 'ltr' or 'rtl'.

Use Cases

  1. Dynamic Styling: When dynamically adjusting styles based on the document direction, this function can be used to determine the current direction.
  2. Localization: In applications with multilingual support, knowing the document direction is essential for rendering content correctly.


If the 'dir' attribute of the HTML element is set to 'auto' or not specified, the function checks the computed style of the document element to determine the direction.

Integrate the getDocumentDirection function into your project to obtain the document direction and enhance the adaptability of your application's UI.

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